Monday, April 23, 2012

POLYCOM Rebate Promotion

POLYCOM has launched a jaw-dropping new promotion, providing agents a great sales opportunity to upgrade their own devices and those of their prospects. Running now through the end of 2012, as a GLOBALINX agent you have the ability to upgrade a customer’s IP phone system or your own to POLYCOM HD voice, and in doing so you’ll get hooked up with some cold hard cash. POLYCOM as part of this new promotion will be hooking you up with up to $75 per device that you or a customer upgrades to HD voice.

As an even bigger incentive for agents and customers, POLYCOM is participating in a recycling program for this promotion, making it a cinch to dispose of an old device that is being upgraded. POLYCOM, having partnered with an authorized “green” recycler for the promotion, will make arrangements to pick up your or your customer’s current devices free of charge, minimizing the hassle on all fronts in upgrading to HD voice. For more information on the promotion and the rebates offered on upgraded devices, make sure to check out the newly updated promotions found on the GLOBALINX Agent website.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Channel Partners Conference & Expo

Heading out to Las Vegas for this year’s Channel Partners Conference March 26th-29th? You’re in for one of the most cutting edge events in the telecom business. Channel Partners Conference & Expo will be offering indirect sales partners and their suppliers a unique and highly valuable industry experience, one where GLOBALINX is sure to be turning heads as well.

If you’re an agent whose had a long flight in or a long day of travel, head on down to booth 300 and take advantage of the GLOBALINX “SIP Down and Relax” promotion, where we’ll be offering free massages, along with a chance to win $95 in casino chips to be used right at Caesars’ Palace casino when you scan the QR code provided on our exclusive Channel Partners event flyer. Don’t forget, these promotions are all part of the current GLOBALINX promotion for $0.0095 SIP termination rates with commission rates up to 25%. And if that wasn’t enough, ask about our party that we are throwing at the Playboy Club on Wednesday night! It’s sure to be the talk of the event. If you have registered already, make sure you stop by booth 300 to pick up your pass.

Aside from the networking and vendor expos, the Channel Partners event continually brings in well-established speakers in the industry, so you can expect workshops and seminars covering a variety of industry-specific topics including, but not limited to:

• Cloud Services
• Mobile Wireless
• New Product Opportunities
• Business Development

For more information on the event, be sure to check out the event’s official website for the most up to date information, and we’ll see YOU in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GLOBALINX Establishes Advisory Council for Greater Collaboration

In order to be able to rapidly respond to the needs of our Agents and the Agent community as a whole, GLOBALINX has announced it is forming an exclusive, by-invitation-only, Agent Advisory Council for 2012.

The selected members of the Agent Advisory Council will fill a crucial role in the selection of the products and promotions GLOBALINX will offer during the year as well as help shape policy and direction for strategic initiatives. Eight top GLOBALINX Agent Partners will be chosen to participate. Members will be rewarded with a host of perks including free accommodations at Channel Partner’s Expos as well as a summer retreat to our corporate offices with some fun on the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY mixed with some insightful, interactive meetings.

“The re-vamping of our Advisory Council extends our Agent Partnership and will allow us to better offer products and services in line with the needs of the market,” said GLOBALINX Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael Machonkin. “This is a great opportunity for us to thank some of our key partners and better respond to the marketplace by working together to deliver meaningful solutions.”

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 3 Reasons to go with a VoIP Phone from Polycom

The text below is a transcript of the audio. (No alterations have been made to this recording the audio is true from each phone and they were recorded using a dynamic microphone. HD audio was recorded on a Polycom to Polycom call.)

Polycom HD Audio and Other Features by GLOBALINX

Hi this is Jeremiah with GLOBALINX calling on your average phone but I’m actually going to call back on a Polycom phone so you can hear the difference between speaker quality from this average phone to a Polycom Phone...

Hi its Jeremiah again, you can now hear the drastic difference between the audio speaker quality on this Polycom from that of the average phone before.

1. HD Audio Quality

This is the HD quality of Polycom over their state-of-the-art speakers and this among other features makes Polycom the single best choice of phone for conference rooms and desks. The clarity of the voice makes every word easily understood on every call. And the HD quality is possible without an HD codec; saving you precious bandwidth space.

2. Stability and Security

Polycom phones also have a high level of stability and security. The phones are very user friendly and first time users will feel comfortable sitting down and making a call with a Polycom for the first time. The call quality is so consistent you will begin to take it for granted until you use an average phone and you’ll start to wonder why you don’t carry your Polycom around with you. The Phones also tout an impressive five 9s of phone uptime. Fraud prevention is a Polycom speciality as user names and passwords are encrypted in the phone itself configured over a secure connection for safe calling.

3. BroadWorks Premiere Certified

On top of all this, Polycom Phones are BroadWorks Premiere Certified products meaning the phones are pre-configured to the GLOBALINX/BroadWorks platform truly making it a Plug-N-Play device.

This is Jeremiah with GLOBALINX calling you and being heard through Polycom phones. Talk to you later. Bye Bye.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Low Ethernet Rates from GLOBALINX for a Limited Time

It’s amazing how many businesses still have a DSL/Cable connection to the Internet. I went to get my hair cut the other day and I paid with my credit card and it took the longest time for my payment to go through. “Sorry,” the woman said, “we have a DSL connection here so it takes a minute”. I could actually see the connection being made, it was so slow. I couldn’t believe it. This wasn’t a little mom-and-pop place either. It was a franchise with multiple locations so they should definitely be able to afford a quality Internet connection. I made some obscure 1990s reference jokingly and went on my way.

When we released our low Ethernet rates promo a week or two ago, I thought of this story and how that business could benefit from our current low Ethernet Port pricing. They would be able to work so much more efficiently with an Internet connection that had vastly improved bandwidth and quality for just a couple of dollars more a month.

For a limited time you can save your customers up to 27% on Burstable Full and Partial Gig-E Internet Ports with plans starting at $1,400 and up to 36% on Burstable Full and Partial Fast-E Internet Ports with plans starting at $400! Be sure to take advantage of these great limited time prices. Give us a call, we can check to see if you are in an area that can take advantage of this new pricing. The map below will give you an idea of the included areas (click to enlarge).

You have the opportunity to bring your customers into the 21st Century with these great connection speeds. Hurry, though, these great rates won’t last long.

If you would like more information, email or call 866-999-1133. For new and re-terming customers. Two year agreement required.

Friday, December 2, 2011

GLOBALINX Partners with IP NetZone to Provide Customer with Converged Networking Solution

The possibilities are for new innovations in communications are endless in this industry and to be a part of it everyday excites us. Currently, our most exciting project is helping an existing customer of GLOBALINX with three call centers in different locations across the US create a virtual private network that will connect all three call centers with the help of our MPLS based VPN Network provider, IP NetZone.

This customer was able to replace their expensive, outdated Private Lines at each location by creating a meshed MPLS based IP VPN network that will connect all three call center locations over encrypted secure VPN tunneling. This allowed the call center to operate from one centralized location, via a single connection from each site to IP NetZone’s private network cloud , instead of running three different networks. This allowed the customer to streamline their processes, improve their service quality and save monthly transmission costs for their GLOBALINX VoIP services

Watch for more news on this MPLS Networks and their advantages in QoS based virtual network support.

If you are interested in learning more about our private networks or other custom solutions contact

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My First Few Weeks at GLOBALINX

Guest Blogger
Cody Jenkins
Director of Agent Sales at GLOBALINX

During my first few days at GLOBALINX, I’ve felt everything from being excited to being overwhelmed and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! I also received a few calls from friends and acquaintances in the telecom industry expressing their positive thoughts about GLOBALINX and legacy TMC that reinforced my appreciation for the opportunity to come to GLOBALINX!

While getting to know the Regional Directors, I had a very positive initial perception about their dedication to their Agent Partners, to the end customer and to product knowledge. I had similar experience with the sales engineering and support teams! I was also impressed with the flexibility of thought in providing spiffs, specials, and incentives to our Agent Partners.

It took me a few days to catch on to the internal company acronyms (like TPS and GBO) but I think I’m starting to get the gist of it. The GLOBALINX Marketing department is very forward thinking about social media and I’ve heard a lot about Twitter and Blogging. I’m already becoming involved (i.e. this blog post) and I’m also considering creating a Twitter account. If you’d like to see me make a Twitter account, let me know in the comment section below this post.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working though the product set, process, agreements, trends, results, forecasts etc. and I’m still learning more about GLOBALINX everyday. I’m glad to be here at GLOBALINX!

Cody Jenkins